Dissertations and Theses

For FAQs, Research Protocols, Forms, Submission Requirements, Writing Support, and info on Editing and Formatting, please visit the Grad College’s official site for students writing dissertations and theses.

***The Graduate College offers a number of formatting workshops to assist students in the preparation of dissertations, masters’ theses, and specialist projects. To find out when the next workshop will be offered and to find information about our style guide and writing support, visit our Writing Support Site.***

***The Graduate Center for Research and Retention is currently offering a summer “Dissertation Cafe” series. See the Grad College’s events page for more information***

Helpful Resources and Articles

The Dissertation House” — a series of events and workshops held at college campuses to help move students from ABD to PhD, and one of the main inspirations for OUR blog! Check out the “Articles” and “Resources” section for online and print texts that might be of use during the writing process.

On Research and Writing

Getting the Tools You Need

Avoiding Procrastination and Getting to Done!

Defenses and Talking About What You Do

Publication, or What Comes Next

The Dissertation Writing Retreat — offered in summer by WMU and Dr. Wendy Carter-Veale

See the article on our front page about the 2013 Dissertation Retreat

WMU Ph.D. candidate LaSonda Wells (Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology) discusses the Dissertation Writing Retreat, her own research, and the two-minute dissertation talk.

The Two-Minute Dissertation Talk

WMU Ph.D. candidate LaSonda Wells explains the “two-minute dissertation talk” and demonstrates her own.


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